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Tips That Will Help You Sell a Rolex for Fair Market Value


Selling a Rolex is not the same as putting a desk or an old wedding dress on the Internet and waiting for buyers. The process of finding a buyer for a used Rolex watch is much different and more complicated. It is a good idea to start your search by visiting a site such as who can give you an honest quote. The market has never been better for selling a used Rolex for cash.

The current economic climate has made it desirable for some people to part with their Rolex watches. The soaring price of precious metals and the increase in broker inventories have sparked the interest of collectors and investors in finding deals on pre-owned Rolex watches.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of people who would be willing to buy a Rolex at below market value, so it is up to the seller to ensure that he or she is getting a fair price for the watch. Here are some tips on getting the best cash price for your Rolex and ensuring that you are not cheated by someone who tries to argue you down to a price below the true value of the timepiece.

• Understand your watch’s value. Before engaging a broker or entering into buying negotiations, be sure that you have the full story of your watch. What make, model and type is it? Does it have jewels? What type of metal is each part made from? Is there a history behind the watch? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you stand firm on the right price for your watch.

• Do some research. Do not take one person’s word for your watch’s value. While a broker is far more likely than a purchaser to give you the straight story on your watch, it never hurts to do a little homework. Try various websites to learn more about your watch and find out if any have sold recently. If so, note the price.

• Be flexible. While it is great to know the value of your watch, you must also have a figure in mind to which you are willing to drop the price in order to make a sale. If you are unwilling to negotiate, you will find it hard to find a buyer. A good rule of thumb is to price your watch slightly higher than you expect to sell it for in order to have some negotiating room.

With the help of a reputable luxury watch buyer, you can soon sell your Rolex for cash, making both you and the buyer very happy!


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