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Animal Prints And Graphics

imagesAnimal prints have been a good fashion statement in women’s wear for many years but they are a relatively new trend in men’s clothing. Only lately have men started to accept their wild side when it comes to animal prints and graphics. It seems that most designs always appear first in the women industry before they gradually make their way into the men’s fashion industry.

Designers and manufacturers such as Gaudi, El Palacio de Hierro, DSquared, BoohooMAN, Burberry Prorsum and Pierre Balmain all seem desperate to include the animal prints and graphics as part of their varieties. It looks like men customers are prepared to put on some of their awesome interpretations of animal skin designs this year. From luxury blazers to t-shirts, there is an extensive variety of designs for men to select from. Leopard designs are the most typical animal skins available to men. This is easy to understand as this pattern is still new and just starting to be implemented by those that are ahead of the fashion curve. Other designs such as tiger and giraffe skins are also getting more popular. The interpretations are all pretty straight-forward and there is not the same amount of variety in style and shade as in women’s wear. Printed tee shirts with monochromated animal designs are now acquirable. This seems to be the most secure option for men that want to show off their wild part without going too far. For animal graphics, the more savage editions seem to have taken position at the designer selections. This is real especially in men’s clothing where howling wolfs and snarling leopards are all the rage. In women’s wear the pictures are more peaceful and can consist of visuals of small animals that are comfortable to women customers. Not so for men, where barking Rottweilers and threatening lions are your order of the day.

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