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Boots That Every Boot Lover Should Own

images (2)If you love boots, you are not alone. Boots, like most footwear are not just about protecting you. Do they protect your feet? Yes, of course, boots extremely does their objective but they also are a way to make a statement. They come in a huge range of models. Some boots are casual, some elegant and some purpose specific. Every lover of boots should have a one (or a bunch) of each of these styles.

1. Knee High. Knee high boots come up to knee level when put on. Knee high boots are fantastic for winter times as they protect more of your leg and do well at keeping you warm. You can buy ones that slide on or ones that zip up. If you have trouble finding knee high boots that fit over your calves try looking for the ones that slide on. Slide on boots usually have more stretch and a little more room. Knee high boot can be bought with a wide range of different high heel levels and are made in more than one type of materials. All the more reason not to have just one set!

2. Booties. No, not the baby shoes. Women’s booties are boots that come just below the ankle. Booties are sometimes known as “shooties” due to them being a combination between a boot and a regular shoes. Booties can be used easily with denims or elegant for a night on the city. Generally a bootie is closed toe but you can also find it open toed. Some booties are flat, some have heels, some suede and some leather. Booties are also developed with cutouts, zips, and shoelaces based on the particular boot.

3. Cowboy. Cowboy, or cow girl boots have come a long way from being only used by true cowboys. Initially cowboy boots were developed to be used when on cattle and were unpleasant simply to move in. Now, they are developed with all kinds of embellishments and are intended for fashion and enjoyment.

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