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Making clothes smell fresh with lavender linen

If you constantly have to purchase more cleaning supplies to ensure that your clothes always smell fresh, you may be falling into the trap of over cleaning. Harsh chemicals in many detergents and linen fresheners will often begin to absorb the natural components in the fabric, and many laundry items may need cleaning again, even before they have been worn. It is a vicious cycle, and one that has to be broken before your clothes, and your bank balance, end up disappearing into nothing. A lavender linen spray may help with this solution, as it allows for a perfect scent and a fresh laundry basket without the need for you to resort to rewashing clean clothes.

Creating your own linen spray will take away the need to purchase new sprays that end up running out after only a few uses. The cost of your creativity is relatively small, and you will be able to use that knowledge over again to create other sprays of different scents to give you fantastic control over what fragrance you use. In this way, the advantage is that you are not using harmful chemicals that are involved in some of these aerosol sprays.

All that is contained in a bottle of linen spray is water, rubbing alcohol and an essential oil of your choice. Using lavender often works better, as the strength of the fragrance will usually ensure that it lasts for much longer, especially when sprayed in a drawer of clothes. However, you can experiment with different fragrances to show that you will always smell lovely with a new aroma every day. There are no rules about the amount of time you can devote to creating your new empire, as there are numerous fragrances to be created almost every day.

When using the linen spray, it can be a good idea to check all over your property to see if there any other fabrics that could do with sprucing up, as the compounds in the mix are indeed harmless enough to use on any other form of fabric. Curtains, bedding, carpets, and even some areas of woodwork can be sprayed with this liquid, and very soon your whole house will give off a pleasant aroma to all who walk the rooms. As stated before, this aroma can change at any given opportunity, as it is possible to feel bored of the same smells over again.

A linen spray made of lavender can be the key to fully sprucing up a closet, and there are even the more masculine fragrances to play around with in case of lavender not being suitable to your tastes. It is the key way of ensuring that your clothes stay fresh while you undertake your daily tasks without needing to constantly upgrade the aroma with the use of perfumes and sprays that increase your carbon footprint, and perpetuate the cycle of washing, spraying and rewashing. Going green with a small task such as this is one step closer to enrichment.

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