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Creative Jewelry Making: It’s All in the DNA

I recently met a family of metalsmiths who make beautiful silver jewelry, wrapped copper bracelets and rings, and earrings from hammered brass.  As I watched the father interact with his son, he told me that making the various designs seemed natural to him, and that his son had picked up the craft easily after a few months of watching him, and had improved on his techniques and improvised others.  Then he said he couldn’t wait until school was out so this grandson could join them on the festival circuit because he had a knack for making things as well.  Three generations of jewelry makers, all making things so easily it had to be in their genes.  While some people may take that statement as an off-hand remark, research does indicate that creativity is determined by our DNA and its role is stronger than we ever imagined.

Many people use DNA testing to find their roots and clues to family traits. is one such service and has been used by millions to find billions of relatives.  They offer testing on paternal or maternal lines and have compiled the largest database of its kind.  Membership entitles you to search their vast records compiled from military records, ship manifests, phone books, slave schedules and obituaries going back hundreds of years. DNA tests are available at discounted prices when you apply a Groupon code.  You can save 29.99% off monthly membership and qualify for a free 14-day trial.

Creative expression shows itself in the myriad ways people interact with their environment, and scientists are finding that their passion for using the materials around them to make jewelry, clothes and artwork actually comes from areas in the brain responsible for complex thinking.  This creates new “wiring” which eventually gets passed down from generation to generation. We will explore some of those ways in future posts.  In the meantime, if you want to know more about the things that make you tinker and tick, search Groupon for a money saving Groupon and purchase a DNA kit from  You might discover your knack for making earrings out of 35mm film comes from the same DNA that fueled your grandmother’s passion for sewing and knitting 100 years ago.


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