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Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Extensions, Hair Extensions Made Easy

Long hair is lovely but hair grows just 2-3 cms per month. If you want long and beautiful hair, you will have to wait for a very long time. In such situations, where you require long hair almost overnight, hair extensions should be your first choice.

What are hair extensions?
Hair extensions are an easy way to add length and volume to hair. Wig manufacturers make long strips of hair that can be glued or attached on to normal hair strands. This makes the scalp appear fuller and thicker. Hair extensions were initially used to conceal thinning patches on the scalp but they are an easy way to add immediate volume, length and bounce to your scalp.

Where can I get hair extensions?
You can easily get hair extensions done at professional salons like Pauls Hair World. Ideally, hair extensions have to be attached by a professional technician. The technician will evaluate your scalp and the strands and then attach hair extensions in a safe manner to different parts of your scalp. There are different methods for attached hair extensions and we recommend that you find a professional to attach them. If you want a temporary option, you will be able to find removable temporary hair extensions like Sally Express which you can attach yourself. These are temporary extensions and they can be removed after some time.

Are hair extensions dangerous?
No, they are not but we recommend that you find a professional to do the job. Temporary extensions are fine but careless work can result in hair loss and scalp damage. Some people have complained that hair extensions cause hair loss but that is not correct. Hair goes through a growth and shedding phase. It is possible that the extensions have been attached to hair strands that are ready to shed. As a result, sometimes it looks like the extensions are pulling out hair but this is completely natural. If you have bonded extensions, it’s very necessary to use the right products to attach and remove this variety of extensions. Do not pull or yank on the extensions as this will result in your natural hair loosening and pulling away from the scalp.

Most professional salon technicians do a great job in matching hair texture and color with extensions. You can use permanent or temporary clip-ons to create a range of hair styles very comfortably. As nearly every salon does the procedure, you can compare prices to get a really good deal as well.

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