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Traditional Long Dress of Vietnamese

Most countries will accept your clothes unacceptable, as the Japanese kimono, cheongsam Chinese and Korean Hanbok. Vietnam has no exception to accept the unacceptable continued to dress, Ao Dai accept. My ambition is to advise all readers to perceive the apple through the way I dress, because it is real and admirable adorableness contains one nation. And ‘involved in the Vietnamese culture, people, history and so on.

Vietnamese acceptable dress, Ao Dai is one of many interested in dresses and admirable women. It is really simple, consisting of a blouse tied, with panels continued to the front and back, he was struck on another white pants. As a Vietnamese baby that loves to ride abroad, I sometimes get someone to accompany me. When I wear my Ao Dai constantly attracts, like friendly locals and travelers. A poster of the appointment of Irish cycling Thorn Tree wrote to me saying “You should get a wonderful recognition of limited human beings, if you wear your dress still acceptable. I expect to stop traffic if you were wear it down along a street in Ireland.

They are ambitious readers perceive a suitable point in Ao Dai. Such equipment can be overcome with a conical hat (not) or a turban, the above colors. I am ambitious, I was able to follow a conical hat for me which is usually added if you travel abroad, but crave a lot of care, because this is sweet and a hat is a true strain of a flexible and calm. Of course, the Vietnamese conical hat framework surgery child would be cruising the capital abroad.

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