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Seasonal Outdoor Clothing Do’s and Don’ts

In the height of winter, outdoor clothing should generally consist of three layers in order to provide adequate protection for the human body. Anything less risks causing sickness over time, as one’s body resistance is periodically weakened by the extremely cold weather. This is why proper outdoor clothing from Jacksons Camping must be worn at all times.

In autumn, people tend to catch the flu because of their overconfidence that it’s not yet winter, so the bandwagon mentality advocates wearing just one layer of outdoor clothing. The safe practice should be two layers of clothing, instead of one. Of course, there are exceptions.

For example, one can do with a thick sweater in autumn, provided that it has a hood. If this is not possible, a hat will do, along with a scarf around the neck. Or, so it seems, layering is the simplest and yet most often ignored rule of keeping warm in cold weather.

Of course, with polar fleece outdoor clothing, a shirt would normally suffice underneath; that is, if it’s still the autumn season. As winter approaches, a person who intends to be spending time outside must have a more thorough undershirt system to support the outdoor clothing such as long Johns. Not having any of the latter under the pants, leg warmers would make a fine substitute, provided the top portions are secured with a garter in order to keep them from falling down.

For individuals with extremely warm body temperature, however, it is normal to do away with the garter. They may even choose to take off a layer or two from their outdoor clothing, without catching a cold. Such people are lucky at this time of year, but they are likely to be sweating all the time come summer.

Predictably, one often catches a glimpse of them wearing hardly any outdoor clothing during the warm season. For these people, a plain T-shirt or muscle shirt would be the order of the day. In a country of four seasons, wearing the proper outdoor clothing is both a matter of necessity and a fashion statement. Proof of this is the fact that one is highly likely to be frowned upon or laughed at behind one’s back when caught wearing thick outdoor clothing in summer.

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