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Get a New Look by Recycling Your Clothes

Have you been following the First Lady of United States Michelle Obama? She has been an epitome of a modern woman who wants to be different and is not afraid to experiment. But if you have observed and noticed, even the First Lady is conscious about what she wears and also thinks about the impact of what she is wearing to the public and the money she spent on her clothes.

There were various news in the internet regarding the recycling of clothes by her to get a new elegant look and also to match with the new ones. Even some of the famous celebrities are following the same method of recycling old clothes. This does not mean that you should wear the same cloth again and again. All you have to do is to apply your creativity to mix and match clothes to have a new stylish look.

Consider the example of a black dress and how it can be used in different occasions. You can wear a black dress with a blazer and a matching pearl at your work place. You can wear this black dress with an accent of a red belt and a pair of bronze colored steads in a party.


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