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Formal Wear Tips For Men

Formal Wear Tips For Men
Formal wear etiquette can be a little tough in this age as we rarely have that many events to attend. Most men tend to wear simple black or dark blue suits to formal events and this is enough. However, this is boring and it makes the man blend into the background. If you want to stand out, look presentable but different, we have a few formal wear tips that should prove helpful.

Fit your clothes
Make sure that your clothes fit your body perfectly. Baggy clothes can make your look overweight and sickly but perfectly fitted clothes can even slim down an overweight body type to appear stocky but fit. No matter what formal outfit you pick, make sure you wear it before you buy it to check the fit. If you cannot find a perfect fit, alter the suit, pans and jacket so that it does fit.

Choose monochromatic shirts

Always choose shirts that are lighter color but are monochromatic in color. This style never changes and the uni-colored shirts can slim down a torso and create a wonderful contrast to the dark outer jacket. Colors like light blue, brown, white and beige are perfect when they are matched with darker-colored jackets and trousers.

Accessories are important

• Match your shoes and your belt in color but you are free to choose textures and shapes.

• Stick to a simple metal buckle and avoid large designs, as they appear tacky. Remove your belt from the belt loops and hang it up to prevent it from weakening the trouser and the belt.

• Limit your jewelry to a wristwatch and a small ring for formal occasions and remove all other accessories like necklaces, nose rings, and earrings.

• Brown or black shoes are fine but patent black leather is always classy and perfectly suited to any kind of formal wear.

• Match your socks to your trouser color but ensures that the trouser bottom covers the socks until the top of the shoes.

• Cufflinks and lapel pins are a beautiful accessory for any suit if you can pull it off. However, you do need to make sure that the metals are matched. For example, wear all silver or all gold to ensure that you appear presentable.

• Pocket squares in the form of puffed silk or cotton are ideal for jackets. Choose a color-coordinated square or a contrasting shade to create maximum effect

As you can see, getting the hang of formal wear is quite easy. Take the time to read up a bit on current trends in formal wear by logging on to Not only will you get detailed articles but the website also has unique lookbooks, picture and buyer’s guides that will help you nail the formal wear look. If you do not want to buy more formal wear, is perfect as it also retails the latest styles and fashions in formal wear for rent.


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