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Stock Up on the Best Tanks for the Summer

Let’s face it: summers are only getting hotter, and comfort is everything. The right urban wear will get anyone through a hot day, though. All you’ve got to look for are nice open fabrics, lots of room for air, and light colours. A cool tank will let the air cool you whether you’re on the […]


Top benefits of using an eye care product

Many men have perpetual contour lines under their eyes along with the dark circles. All of us might have tried a host of different anti ageing eye creams to reduce these lines. But the result of such tired and puffy eyes is by stretching of skin around the eyes and the lower forehead. When an […]

Animal Prints And Graphics

Animal prints have been a good fashion statement in women’s wear for many years but they are a relatively new trend in men’s clothing. Only lately have men started to accept their wild side when it comes to animal prints and graphics. It seems that most designs always appear first in the women industry before they gradually make […]

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Boots That Every Boot Lover Should Own

If you love boots, you are not alone. Boots, like most footwear are not just about protecting you. Do they protect your feet? Yes, of course, boots extremely does their objective but they also are a way to make a statement. They come in a huge range of models. Some boots are casual, some elegant […]

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When Buying A Wholesale Designer Handbag

The love for designer handbags has been long lasting when it comes to women! The serious shopaholic is adamant to get the wholesale designer handbag in their couch before anyone can ‘bag’ the credit. If you are one of those who are looking at a designer bag and are uncertain, here comes some of the […]