Styling Long Body Types

images (16)You Are Not Like Others

Let’s discuss tall physiques. Well, we all are not formed and scaled the same. Each build has its own share of advantages and of course, problems. When you are a little bit taller than your colleagues, you need to get ready your body for a new higher way of fashion. Figuring out exactly which outfits designs, cuts and styles are best for your body can get challenging. In fact, with so many options, your career could easily get complex. Relaxing shades and designs do look interesting, but you need to choose them with valid reason. Here are some of our recommendations for upgrading your wardrobe with ‘tall’ outfits and reasons they might just be what you need.

Are You a ‘Tall’ Guy?

Before getting into the facts, let’s determine a tall body shape. If you are 6’3″ or higher, you are likely to fall in this classification. The most apparent drawback of being tall is that you don’t usually discover outfits that are lengthy enough for your body.

Top Guidelines You Need to Know

Whenever you choose outfits, make sure you adhere to these recommendations and techniques.

Over sized is Disastrous!

First, prevent everything that will hang off your body, i.e. over scaled outfits. If you use loose or badly fixed outfits, you will give the overall look of being too slim and sloppy. Well, at periods you need to buy larger dimensions to cover your lengthy whole body, but that additional material is not something you need.

Go for the Right Fit!

Second, you need to stay away from everything that is incredibly fitted. This is especially important if you are a big and tall guy. Extremely fitted outfits will make your longer torso appear extraordinary, and this is definitely not suitable.

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Recreating Your Wardrobe

images (58)It’s difficult to keep up with the thousands of popular designs and integrating them into our present wardrobe that sometimes we wonder if we should do it over absolutely. While hot new designs rule the fashion field every year, there are simpler, and less expensive, methods to keep up.

Chances are, your present wardrobe is already a great place to start. We all have traditional go-to items, closet basics and most favorite, that we’ve gathered over the years. Sure, we also probably have some items that are just no more in style, but that’s fashion. The key to looking modified is understanding what to keep, what to invest money on, and how to use accessories. Knowing how to mix and coordinate is the biggest device any fashion lover can have. Combining traditional with trendier or more vivid products can generate thousands of clothing blends. It’s always good to use your already current selection of tried-and-true denims, dark outfits, or other choice products that are always in design as a fashion canvas. Couple a traditional white-colored v-neck tee with a print legging and a strong declaration necklace. Use a tribal print cardigan over a dark outfit to create it more informal and look like a whole new look. It’s best to create sure you have staple products that will take the test of time, that way you never have to fear about having something primary to put on. Also consider purchasing less expensive stylish products, that way you don’t invest lots of cash, can mix and coordinate with what you already have, and you won’t fear about giving or getting rid of it when it’s no more in style.

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Make Up And Accessories

download (28)The true attractiveness of cosmetics and accessories comes from their actual versatility. The choices available make plenty of blends but the problem with cosmetics and accessories is that they can run up a high bill, so what’s a lady to do? There are some choice products that can be shaped to fit any clothing on any event.

Black eye lining is handy. A pencil eye liner, ideally one that is water resistant, can be used often. A dark pencil lining that goes on efficiently can replicate the design of liquid lining and will stay in your preferred design if water resistant once it places. Based on the event, you can simply line your eye, draw winged eyelash, or smear while the pen is still clean on your eye for that attractive, traditional classy eye look. It can be used simply or adorned with a shiny eye shadow. Mascara is also a must-have cosmetics choice. Whether you’re going mostly-bare or sporting a strong eye and maybe lip stick, mascara is a requirement. Dense eyelash combined with a strong lip can feature your eye without being too strong or taking away from your lip color. Red lip stick is always an excellent buy. Choose a color that best matches your complexion and keep it on hand. A sprint of red can enhance a simple face if you decide to go mostly au naturale or can add some pizazz to a mascara’d eye or winged eyelash. Be cautious not to mix a bold lips with bold eye, so choose one to play up based on your collection or the event. When it comes to accessories, there’s nothing more flexible than a chiffon scarf. They can be used in a limitless possibilities, and they can even be used as wrap-around or even make shift skirts.

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Tips That Will Help You Sell a Rolex for Fair Market Value


Selling a Rolex is not the same as putting a desk or an old wedding dress on the Internet and waiting for buyers. The process of finding a buyer for a used Rolex watch is much different and more complicated. It is a good idea to start your search by visiting a site such as who can give you an honest quote. The market has never been better for selling a used Rolex for cash.

The current economic climate has made it desirable for some people to part with their Rolex watches. The soaring price of precious metals and the increase in broker inventories have sparked the interest of collectors and investors in finding deals on pre-owned Rolex watches.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of people who would be willing to buy a Rolex at below market value, so it is up to the seller to ensure that he or she is getting a fair price for the watch. Here are some tips on getting the best cash price for your Rolex and ensuring that you are not cheated by someone who tries to argue you down to a price below the true value of the timepiece.

• Understand your watch’s value. Before engaging a broker or entering into buying negotiations, be sure that you have the full story of your watch. What make, model and type is it? Does it have jewels? What type of metal is each part made from? Is there a history behind the watch? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you stand firm on the right price for your watch.

• Do some research. Do not take one person’s word for your watch’s value. While a broker is far more likely than a purchaser to give you the straight story on your watch, it never hurts to do a little homework. Try various websites to learn more about your watch and find out if any have sold recently. If so, note the price.

• Be flexible. While it is great to know the value of your watch, you must also have a figure in mind to which you are willing to drop the price in order to make a sale. If you are unwilling to negotiate, you will find it hard to find a buyer. A good rule of thumb is to price your watch slightly higher than you expect to sell it for in order to have some negotiating room.

With the help of a reputable luxury watch buyer, you can soon sell your Rolex for cash, making both you and the buyer very happy!


Are You Looking for Wholesale Gifts and Balloon Bouquets?

If you run a business that sells gifts and balloons you will always be on the lookout for new and exciting gift ideas. The majority of people understand the importance of giving great gifts; thoughtful presents that will delight the recipient. Christmas is just around the corner and consumers are hunting for exciting presents to give to family and friends. Holidays are times when friends and families get together to exchange presents, and holiday gift giving is an important part of life. People like to celebrate and holiday celebrations bring families together. However, it can often be hard to find attractive and affordable gifts that befit the celebration. Experienced gift wholesalers understand the importance of providing wholesale gifts that will boost store sales in order to maximise profits. Today’s gift shop owners are looking for inspirational gifts and colorful balloon arrangements that will make their store look inviting.

Let’s take a moment to think about the type of gifts people give. People like to celebrate and families often exchange presents when they have something special to celebrate. Fill your store with cute candles and holders, patriotic gifts, vintage sack pillows, fabulous frames and pretty paper and gift cards and the customers will look twice before they walk away empty-handed. Trinket boxes and pottery piggy banks take up little shelf space yet they make ideal and affordable stocking fillers. Look at the current best-selling gift-ideas and note that novelty signs and plaques are selling like hot-cakes. Personalized mugs have always been popular and people often give quirky ceramic mugs to family and friends. Don’t forget the balloons! The balloon has become an important part of every family celebration and wholesale gifts suppliers stock a wealth of wonderful wholesale balloons. Parents hunt high and low for great gifts to give their children, yet they know full well that kids still love to see a bunch of brightly colored balloons.

Holidays are all about gift-giving, a time when family and friends come together to exchange presents. Gift wholesalers know that it is important to sell inspirational gifts that cater for every age group. Helpful gifts will always be appreciated and some of the most popular helpful gift ideas include business planners, mini-bell alarm clocks, cell phone wrist-lets and phone cases. Many gift store owners will say that health and beauty gifts are among their best-sellers, and pill boxes and vitamin cases continue to sell well. However, store owners who regularly deal with wholesale gift suppliers should not forget that customers are always on the lookout for beautiful balloon arrangements. Families who get together to celebrate like to decorate their homes for the occasion, and holographic balloons make a great decorative focal point.

Gift wholesalers know the current gift trends, and they aim to sell inexpensive gifts to gift stores so that these gift items can be sold on to make profit. Leading gift shop suppliers stock gifts for every occasion because they never underestimate the importance of giving gifts. Stock your store with a range of great gifts and cute balloon arrangements to put a smile on your customers’ faces.